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Old Requested Art - Sassy Dragon (Redrawn) by Liam-The-Gamer Old Requested Art - Sassy Dragon (Redrawn) :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 2 0 Fossil Fighters: Frontier - Nibbles (Default Form) by Liam-The-Gamer Fossil Fighters: Frontier - Nibbles (Default Form) :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 7 2 GB Godzilla Game Cutscenes (Animated Inside!) by Liam-The-Gamer GB Godzilla Game Cutscenes (Animated Inside!) :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 4 2 Class Project: Godzilla Themed Word Logo by Liam-The-Gamer Class Project: Godzilla Themed Word Logo :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 4 6 Roll Back The Rock! By AvaShep94 by Liam-The-Gamer Roll Back The Rock! By AvaShep94 :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 1 5 Dinotopia Dinosaurs By Jerry LoFaro by Liam-The-Gamer Dinotopia Dinosaurs By Jerry LoFaro :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 7 16
Children of The Wild (Chapter 7) (Epilogue)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 7: On With The Plan
The short ride to the Museum was quiet; all of the airship's passengers in their own silent state of a mix of thinking of all of what had happened with them at the circus, and relishing in the relief that it was all over, and they were finally going to get on with the reason they were sent to the city in the first place.
Cleo had stopped thinking about the crows, and she instead watched the others on how they were unwinding from the events from the past couple days. Dweeb and Woog were snacking on hot dogs, of course. Elsa was standing on Rex's shoulder (his good one), balancing herself by holding
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 6)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 6: Guilt, Doubt, and Forgiveness
"No, don't do it!!" came a small fear-filled voice from her left.
The Spinosaurus paused, her readiness shattered. In her irritation, she took her mouth off the other hunter's neck, whipped her head to the left and gave a growling sound at whatever interrupted her kill.
The Spinosaurus then saw what had made the sound that interrupted her. There was a small light brown creature with a big mean-looking face, big hands and feet, and seemed to have something covering most of its skin, and something red on the top of its head that didn't seem natural. Wh
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 1 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 5)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 5: The King & Queen
The Spinosaurus opened her eyes, finding them unusually heavy. The first thing she took in was that it was daytime. She saw she was in some sort of covered area, and with her were other large creatures, a few of them she sensed were types she would hunt, but the other she sensed was a hunter, the kind she would compete with for food and territory. The next thing she noticed was that the other creatures were each inside a large object with long sticks between the top and bottom and which were all around the sides of the objects.
Looking back from them, she noticed she was in such an object as w
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 4)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 4: Of Fear and Monsters
The circus area looked all the more spooky now that the sun had set. Cleo could somewhat make out the colors of the vertical stripes on the tents all around them, but only due to the unusual lighting colors. Never before had Cleo seen so much green and truly yellow lighting. She and the other dinosaurs ventured into this eerie place to search for their two human children friends.
"Yoo-hoo! Louie!! Cecilia!!" Elsa and Dweeb called out in unison.
"Where are you?!" Rex called out, almost as an extension to the former call.
Cleo noticed they were venturing alongside a line of miniature game stalls, and they were closing in on the bi
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 1 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 3)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 3: The Rockin' Rolling Parade
Countless people crowded the sidewalks along the street for seemingly miles, and there were countless more in the parade, wearing outfits, costumes, and uniforms of all colors and sorts, each group in their own place in the parade. In addition to groups, there were moving platforms which the humans called "floats," and also groups of people holding down giant balloons in the form of various pop culture icons.
Louie had shown the dinosaurs a castle-like float he and Elsa had spotted on their outing. Dweeb and Woog had been hitched to the castle, pulling it along, with Elsa perched on Woog's back. Rex and Cleo were unhitched, pla
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 2)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 2: New Sights, And New Friends
Cleo immediately found herself plunging toward the world below as if she were a large boulder, and she became afraid of smashing into a million pebbles upon impact. Thinking fast, she remembered the pack on her back.
'Neweyes wouldn't let the chosen dinosaurs fall without something to break their fall so they wouldn't die on impact; that would totally destroy the whole purpose of their mission..' she thought. Then, she looked down for the others. She saw that three round puffy cloths had appeared where the dinosaurs should have been. One cloth was orange, another green, and the other blue. Cleo found herself inst
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0
Children of The Wild (Chapter 1)
(Editor's Note: Hey there everyone! If you are reading this, then congratulations on you! ^-^ Anyways, this is a We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story Fanfiction that I found over at, and once again, I just had to upload it after reading it. I enjoyed it that much! Also, I'd like to mention that the POV for this story centers around the author's OC; a Spinosaurus named Cleo that also becomes smart like Rex and the Gang. But... not excatly in the same way as the others...  But, that's all I'm going to say about that! You will just need to read the story to find out! So, with all of this finally out of the way, let the story begin!)
Children of The Wild
Story Originally Written By: DeenaSoraDrake
A Bit of Editing And Uploading By: Liam-The-Gamer
Chapter 1:
:iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0
Vorb - SNES Icon by Liam-The-Gamer Vorb - SNES Icon :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0 Dweeb - SNES Icon by Liam-The-Gamer Dweeb - SNES Icon :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 1 0 Elsa - SNES Icon by Liam-The-Gamer Elsa - SNES Icon :iconliam-the-gamer:Liam-The-Gamer 0 0

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Greetings fellow members of Deviantart! I'm Liam-The-Gamer, and I humbly welcome you to my DA Account page. I'm an artist who mostly specializes in making some Pixel Art, but I also can make some interesting Digital Art on the sides sometimes. I even have a knack for finding some awesome artwork on some others sites as well. But seriously guys, I truly hope you have a fun time exploring both my Gallery and Favorites, as well as some other things that you see laying around. But more importantly, let me tell you some stuff about me. I'm just a normal kind of guy, that likes to have fun, but also has a good taste in picking what's good and bad. And because my autism is so very small, I can come up with great ideas for stuff super easily! I can also help inspire others to ether start or continue on a project very quickly! So if you need some advice from me, just let me know in the comments below. I also post a update journal entry every once in a while. So be sure to keep an eye out for those as well! ^^

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Would you guys like to see me do some of my personal "Top 5" of things in Journals I make? 

3 deviants said Yes
No deviants said No
For my first Top 5 list, I'll be listing the best of the weird craze going on at the time where people were making cartoons that continue the plot of several very popular movies. These are the top 5 ones that I have seen, seen a little bit of a long time ago, or have yet to watch due to recommendation.

With that all out of the way, let's get to it! :D

5. The Real Ghostbusters

Before I started watching cartoons and stuff on my favorite website,, I was just a kid browsing YouTube for things to watch, and I managed to stumble on several episodes of this memorable series. But sadly, I can't find the original episodes anymore due to dumb copyright claims and all that. I do hope to go back to watching it someday.

4. All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series

I'm just going to be honest, and state that I've yet to actually see the movies for myself, so I will avoid seeing this cartoon until I do. My friends have managed to give me bits & pieces of it, so I'm got some understanding of it. I do hope to find some time to watch this soon.

3. Dreamworks Dragons

If it's the one movie that deserved this, it was totally HTTYD. I have yet to see the sequel, or the short film that doesn't have the Bonenapper, or the Christmas Special. I did hear that this show takes place in-between the 2nd movie, so I have no fear of avoiding the 2nd movie for so long now... ^^;

2. Free Willy: The Animated Series

Now, believe it or not, this was a surprisingly enjoyable show to watch. Well, at least the first season, and up until episode 18, where it clearly starts to focus education, and boringness. A lot of people on Youtube were giving the show a bad name thanks to the fact that Season 1 is only available to be watched via Google Play. Trust me when I say it's totally worth the $14.99 to watch the good season of the show. 83

1. Godzilla: The Series

Yes, we all know that the film: Godzilla 98 sucked like nobody's dam business, but the show somehow managed to put the word "God" back into Zilla's name! It was an enjoyable show, that I highly recommend to watch. You will really enjoy it! :D

And there you have it guys, my personal Top 5 Favorite Cartoons Based on Movies! Check back soon to find out what my nest list shall be! Until then, later everyone! ;P


Why thanks guys! That really means a lot to me! :thumb387122282:
Tue Aug 2, 2016, 7:55 PM
omg you're crazy, thank you so much for all the faves D: I'll be sure to look around, fellowe pokemon trainer and dragon reader :3
Tue Jul 26, 2016, 7:08 AM
Wonderful deviations you have there! I'm impressed. :D
Sun Jul 24, 2016, 1:09 PM


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